Exchange of the eduroam certificate

Dear Students
Every few years (last time in 2019) the certificate for eduroam is exchanged. The next deadline is September 25th 2023!
In order for your devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) to continue to access the eduroam WiFi from this date, you MUST set up eduroam on EVERY device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) from scratch.
You can test whether your devices are using the old or the new certificate at this address: Important: the test can only be carried out if the device is logged into the eduroam WiFi in the HWR (does not work from home or from the eduroam of another university).
If the test shows that your devices are using the old certificate, you can find the appropriate update instructions here:
Another important note: Your username for eduroam consists of your usual HWR ID with the suffix (for example  WITHOUT stud.)
If you have doubts about the authenticity of this e-mail, you can visit the website of the HWR IT department (there you will find this information on the start page under „Neueste Beiträge”) or simply call the hotline on the known extension (2525).
We will repeatedly point out the date up to the deadline. Unfortunately, with around 14,000 users and over 33,000 devices, we are not able to filter out those who have already made the switch.

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