Microsoft365 Login with 2FA/MFA

Microsoft365 Login with 2FA/MFA

To increase security when logging into MS365 for HWR Berlin students, 2-factor authentication / multi factor authentication will be activated with immediate effect (starting for winter semester 2024).

This is only necessary for logging in to Microsoft services. Moodle, SAM, Webmail (OpenXchange) etc. will continue to work just with the usual username & password login.

1. Log into Microsoft365 or
> not your E-Mail
> not only the username

> without “stud”

2. Enter your HWR password

3. Read the info about 2FA/MFA and proceed

4. Choose your method

Now you have 3 methods for the additional authentication to choose from:

a) Microsoft Authenticator (preferred)
b) other Authenticator App like Google or Twilio
c) different method, e.g. phone sms

5. Link the Authenticator App

6. Scan the QR-Code

View in the Microsoft Authenticator, select Scan QR-Code:

If scanning via the QR-Code does not work, you can alternatively add your account manually with a SecurityToken and a URL by clicking on “Das Bild wird nicht gescannt?”

7. Verify the link

Enter confirmation code:

Now you have the Microsoft Authenticator App set up.

You must now enter the code from the Authenticator app in addition to your HWR account data for every new login to a Microsoft365 service.

You will always receive a push message on your mobile device if there is an attempt to log in with your account data. If this happens and it is not you(!), please change your HWR password immediately, as your account is probably already known to third parties!
Alternatively, please contact the IT-Hotline to block your account.

Please make sure that you do not use old versions of the Authenticator apps and update them regularly. With older Authenticator apps, it is often not possible to add a new account.

If you have deleted your Authenticator app or the linked account, please contact the IT-Hotline in person to reset your Microsoft 365 account after resetting your HWR account password. This will force you to a fresh setup for 2FA/MFA again.

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