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FAQ CampusCard

You have questions before the first creation and use of the HWR Berlin CampusCard? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you.

What do I do with the QR code?

You proceed with your QR Code to one of the two card printing machines. There you will create your HWR Berlin CampusCard.

How much do a HWR Berlin CampusCard cost me?

You do not have to pay anything for the initial issuing of the HWR Berlin CampusCard. The subsequent updating of the semester validity and, where applicable, the printing of the semester ticket are also included in the re-registration fee or price of the semester ticket. The reissuing of the HWR Berlin CampusCard due to a change in personal features (e.g. change of name) are also free of charge. Should you lose your HWR Berlin CampusCard, should it be stolen from you or should the card be damaged due to improper usage/treatment you may, subsequent to the submitting of an application, receive a replacement in return for a fee. This fee is oriented towards the scale of charges for the replacement of the current Student’s ID card (paper).

What is meant by “Validating of the HWR Berlin CampusCard”?

Your HWR Berlin CampusCard must be updated subsequent to its initial printing and before the beginning of every semester (after the semester fees have been paid and received). Please go to the card validating machine for this purpose.

Do I receive a new HWR Berlin CampusCard every semester?

As a general rule you only once receive a HWR Berlin CampusCard issued free of charge. You may, in the event of loss, theft or damage to the card, apply to have a replacement issued. This is subject to a fee.

What about the loss / theft / defect of the HWR Berlin CampusCard?

In the event of loss or theft the HWR Berlin CampusCard should be barred without delay in the Office of Admission and Matriculation and in the university library.

Should you still have credit on your card, also have the card barred at the cash registrar of a Students’ Union refectory. A prerequisite for this is that you should have made a note of the Students’ Union number printed on the reverse of the HWR Berlin CampusCard

What happens if the QR code is lost?

The loss of the unused QR code must be reported immediately to the registration and matriculation office, so that a blocking can take place. A new QR code will be provided to you. A management fee is not charged.

What happens if I update my CampusCard for the next semester during the current semester?

The CampusCard can be validated a few days after the payment of the semester fees at the ticket updating machines for the coming semester. The identity card then contains two lines on the back. The current semester and the subsequent semester.

Example: If you log in the summer of 2017 for the winter semester 2017/18 the print of the back is changed to SS17 and WS17 / 18.

Which functions are available on the HWR Berlin CampusCard?

In the initial phase the HWR Berlin CampusCard replaces the student’s ID-card with semester ticket, the refectory card and the library ID-card. Other functions (such as the e-ticket of VBB) are in the planning stage.

How does my photo get on the HWR Berlin CampusCard?

The photograph shall be created during the creation of the HWR Berlin CampusCard by the card printing machine and printed on the card. The photographs will not be stored in the machine.

How do I use the HWR Berlin CampusCard as a library ID-card?

The HWR Berlin CampusCard replaces the current library ID-card. You will find your library number on the front of the card and the bar code of your library number is printed on the reverse.

To what should I pay attention when handling the HWR Berlin CampusCard?

Your HWR Berlin CampusCard is considerably more robust than the paper ID-card but is to be treated as carefully as any other credit and/or ID-card. Improper handling may, in particular, destroy the integrated card electronics. Please pay attention to the following when handling your card:

  • do not fold, bend or deform the card in any other manner
  • do not staple or laminate
  • do not use as a door opener or ice scraper
  • do not keep in the same place as a bunch of keys
  • do not heat or leave lying in the sun
  • do not stick anything on it
  • do not wash with your laundry or clean using chemicals
  • do not keep in the back pocket of your trousers

How do I use the HWR Berlin CampusCard in the refectory?

The HWR Berlin CampusCard replaces the current refectory card. Should you already possess a refectory card, please return it upon your next visit to a refectory run by the Studentenwerk Berlin.

How do I load money onto the HWR Berlin CampusCard?

The HWR Berlin CampusCard fully replaces the current refectory card of the Studentenwerk Berlin. You may load money onto the HWR Berlin CampusCard at the known refectory card loading machines and at the refectory cash registers of the Studentenwerk Berlin.

Can I use the HWR Berlin CampusCard to pay on the public copying machines?

Yes, that is possible. You may inform yourself of the printing and copying possibilities here.

What does the HWR Berlin CampusCard have to do with the “Berlin Campus Card”?

The HWR Berlin is one of the institutes of higher education participating in the joint project “Berliner CampusCard”. In the context of this project new students’ ID-cards will also be introduced step by step at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, the Charité, the HTW Berlin, the HU Berlin and the FU Berlin.

The HWR Berlin CampusCard is the specific student’s card for students of the HWR Berlin.

What are the targets being pursued by the project “Berlin Campus Card”?

The project “Berliner Campus Card” is a joint project that was initiated by the HU Berlin. One of its essential aims is the development of a uniform technical infrastructure, on the basis of which each participating institute of higher education/university may develop its own CampusCard. The HWR CampusCard has been developed at the HWR Berlin on this basis. Read more under

Which Berlin institutes of higher education/universities are participating in this joint project?

Six institutes of higher education are currently participating in the joint project, which are currently in different project phases. Read more under:

What is to become of my paper students ID card?

During the project phase both ID-cards shall retain their full validity and both should also be carried with you at all times.

Which data are stored on the HWR Berlin CampusCard?

On the HWR Berlin CampusCard information is stored both visually and also electronically on the RFID”Chip. However, no data shall be stored or processed on the RFID”Chip that, should one gain possession of the card, would permit one to trace any individual persons.

What does the TRW-strip mean?

The TRW”Technology (Thermo”ReWrite) is a procedure that, through the effect of heat, is able to write and delete from a special kind of synthetic foil time and time again using a special TRW”printer. We use this in order to regularly reprint the current semester validity on the reverse of the card.

Can I use the machines at the other institutes of higher education?

No, only the machines of one’s own institute of higher education, i.e. the HWR Berlin, may be used for the issuing and the updating of cards.

May I only use the machines on my campus?

No, within the HWR Berlin you may use any machine. If, for example, you study at FB3 (Campus Lichtenberg) but live in the vicinity of Campus Schöneberg you may have your card issued and updated there.

Do the machines contain cash?

No, the machines for the issuing and updating of cards do not contain any cash. Their sole functions are the creation of the student’s ID-card and the printing of the semester validity.

If you wish to load money onto your HWR Berlin CampusCard please use, as before, the loading machine in the refectory.

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