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Card Print

Creation of the initial HWR Berlin CampusCard

  1. An email will be sent to your student’s e-mail P.O. Box from the Office of Admission and Matriculation. This e-mail will either itself contain a file attachment with the QR”Code or a link to your personal Campus4U or FINCA site.
  2. Print out the QR”Code or keep it available on a suitable Smartphone.
  3. Go to a card-printing machine, scan the QR”Code and follow the further instructions.
  4. The machine will now create your HWR Berlin CampusCard.
  5. Then remove the HWR Berlin CampusCard and handle it with care.
  6. Now go to the card-validating machine in order to validate your card for the current semester.
  7. A replacement ID card

Applying for a Substitute ID card

In the event of a change of name (due to marriage, divorce, etc.) or in the event of the loss of the HWR Berlin CampusCard you may apply for a new ID-card in the Office of Admission and Matriculation.

In the event of loss the issuing of a substitute ID-card shall be subject to a fee.

Please remember to: