Data privacy

Electronic data

The HWR Berlin CampusCard contains a RFID chip with the following data:

  • A manufacturer-specific card ID, as a globally unique card identifier
  • The Studentenwerk number, as a unique identifier of the Studentenwerk Berlin
  • The implementation of  “Mensa-Börse” from the Studentenwerk Berlin, so that the cashless payment function can be used in the canteens of the Studentenwerk Berlin

Visual data

The following data are visible on the HWR Berlin Campuscard, but they are not stored electronically on the card:

  • Photo, first and last name, matriculation number, library number, HWR Berlin logo (front of the CampusCard)
  • Library number with barcode, Studentenwerk number, validity period (re-registration), semester ticket, VBB logo (in semester ticket) and StudierendenWERK Berlin logo (back of the CampusCard)

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