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Password change

This guide will give you tips and hints for changing your password for your central HWR account.

Delete stored passwords

First, you should delete all saved passwords from all your devices, because if you have saved old passwords on your devices, your account may be blocked by unsuccessful automated authentication attempts.

This checklist helps you to find all saved passwords. Please remember the passwords for

each directly in the system or in software like

on all your devices such as

Note: The password for the library services is not associated with the central account. It can be changed by https://bibkey.hwr-berlin.de/ and applies for all library services. Only the initial password is the same as in the central account.

Change password

Now change the password for your HWR account in one of the usual ways.

Please note the minimum length of 8 characters and the generally recommended rules for secure passwords:

students / lecturers:

staff / professors:

Save password

If so desired, you can now save the new password again in all devices and software instances.

Caution: If you save your passwords, always use additional security like lock screens, master passwords, encrypted password safes etc.

You are legally responsible for all communication and actions taken with your account and under your name.