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WiFi in Windows 7 and Vista via eduroam


Your computer needs a wireless connection with WPA capability. Also, you need administrator privileges.

Open Network and Sharing Center

Click the network icon in the System Notification Area and open the Network and Sharing Center.

Create new connection

Click the option Set up a new connection or network.

Click Manually connect to a wireless networt and confirm with Next.

Enter connection information

Here you enter general information for the network.

As Network name, enter „eduroam“. Choose “WPA2-Enterprise” as Security type and “AES” as Encryption type.

Confirm with Next.

Change connection settings

You should see this message of confirmation of the creation of the wireless connection. Click Change connection settings.

In the opening window, choose the Security tab and open the Settings.

Change Protected EAP Properties

Please make sure that the Validate server certificate checkbox is marked.

In the Trusted Root Certification Authorities list, please mark the “Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2” entry.

Then, click Configure.

The EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window opens. Unmark the checkbox and close this window and the previous one by clicking OK.

Change Advanced settings

You should now see the eduroam Wireless Network Properties window again (see step 4).

Click Advanced Settings and in the opening window, mark the Specify authentication mode checkbox. Choose User authentication from the list and close this and all other windows with OK or Close.

Enter credentials

A notification bubble should open now, which you need to click. In the opening window, you can enter your credentials. To your HWR account name, please add the domain “”.

Example: HWR account: „s_primus“ à credentials: „“

Attention: The domain „“ is the same for all users. There is no „“.

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